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You may frown as much as you want when talking about the services that do students’ work, until one day you urgently need to complete some essay. Then in great haste you start searching for some trustworthy academic custom writing service that can write you a paper as soon as possible. Any online search engine will give you thousands of options and the reviews will be poles apart. 

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  • from $13 per page
  • minimum deadline 1 hour
  • accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery
WriteMyEssays Service Review
  • from $9 per page
  • minimum deadline 3 hours
  • accepts credit / debit card
  • from $3 per page
  • minimum deadline 4 hours
  • accepts Visa, Mastercard, PayPal
  • no price list
  • minimum deadline 4 hours
  • accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery

The risk you encounter is not only about the money you pay for the writing service, but about failing a grade at your school. All of the websites look the same, there is so much information in their Terms and Conditions written in a small or very light font. Lots of reviews are fake and after reading some comments you have the feeling that they were all written by the same person. Does it sound familiar? Well, we decided to smooth things down for you and made an inquiry into one of the most popular yet controversial essay writing services EduBirdie.

edudirdie review

The website is really user-friendly and looks very appealing and fun. The bird mascot though reminded us of the PapersOwl website a lot and we felt like we were going through the same procedure one more time. The company is located in Bulgaria and the owner of EduBirdie is 13 Technology ltd. 

Types of Services

EduBirdie provides a regular range of academic writing services such as different essays, dissertations, coursework, research and capstone projects, term papers and case studies, speech writing, book and movie reviews, lab reports and math problem solving. They can also edit your paper, correct your essay or do homework assignments for you.  The company states that they have a pool of more than 450 professional writers with degrees and PhDs. 

Types of Services

This decent list of services and writers, their flexibility about topics and meeting  requirements deserves our 9/10.

Is EduBirdie trustworthy?

Well, if you read the reviews and comments you will see the opposite opinion. People hate it or love it.

We cannot prove that the praising comments are fake or that the negative ones are not written by the competitors who try to ruin EduBirdie’s business. But we can say that the profiles of the writers they have on their website have fake photos. You can check it yourself if you just try to google search the image.

The results might surprise you as these photos are taken from random Eastern European or African websites. Who is behind those model looking images? Can you entrust them your paper and your money?

  • All these questions without answers made us grade EduBirdie reliability 3/10.

What is the Ordering Process?

It is quite clear at the beginning.

Ordering Process

You have to fill out the form where you state what type of service you need, set the deadline and sign in to see who bids your order. You choose the writer who offers the best price and has the most relevant qualifications. After you make your choice, you have to put the money on your Balance Account. This sum will be released after you accept the paper. You can chat with your author who is doing the paper for you and add some details or answer the questions about the paper if he or she has any.

When the essay is completed you can preview it but you can’t copy or edit the document in the preview mode.Therefore you can’t do plagiarism check or edit the paper if you need to point out the parts that do not suit you before you accept it.  

Prices and Discounts

The most complicated and controversial part of EduBirdie service. There are no prices for any type of service they provide. The prices for  essay writing start from $13.99 per page as it is said on their website. The editing service is cheaper and you may pay $7 per page or more.

Prices and Discounts

But the truth is that EduBirdie has a bidding system which means that any author can ask any price for your paper. You will never find out the price for any paper unless you create an order yourself. After you do it and see the offered prices, it’s up to you whether you agree to pay this much or not. Edubirdie can pick the best writer for you for ony $9.99. It is not clear how they do it if your order is at the auction and anyone can bid it. 

We believe that there should be some real information about the approximate cost of services provided. Otherwise the customers should waste a lot of time and reveal their personal information just to find out that they will not use EduBirdie’s writing service. 

The situation with the bidding system is not transparent to the customer either. We found a few comments from people who claim they are EduBirdie’s authors. These people stated that they are underpaid and this bidding system is fake as every writer gets the set payment per page no matter what the total order price is.

The prices for essay writing on EduBirdie don’t seem to be the highest on the market. They give no discounts though.

  • Our grade here is 4/10.  

What Payment Methods EduBirdie accepts?

Payment Methods EduBirdie

As most essay writing companies that have their websites hosted in European countries, EduBirdie accepts credit and debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American express and Discovery. They say in their Terms and Conditions that they accept payments from bank accounts and even PayPal payment methods but it is not mentioned anywhere else on their website. If they don’t want to lose business in the near future, they should start using modern secured payment methods to a greater degree.

  • For a secure payment method we are ready to give a higher grade – 7/10.

Work Quality

Work Quality

This is the most common complaint about EduBirdie from all the unhappy customers. We thought we could give some clarification if we ordered an essay ourselves. And so we did.

The research paper we ordered was about Pros and Cons of Distant Learning. It had to be 3 pages long, double-spaced and had a 5-day due date. The EduBirdie writer bidded our order a few minutes after we placed it with the price of $67. We decided to wait a little but nobody offered us a lower price. This was way more than the stated $14 per page.

We wanted to make the review so we agreed to this price and the writer’s profile looked quite professional. The paper was ready a few hours before the deadline. When we saw the preview, we immediately noticed that the language and the style was below average. There were no clear grammar or spelling mistakes as far as we could see from the preview part. So we took a risk and accepted the research paper. The other 2 pages that we couldn’t see in a preview mode were done in absolutely sloppy English. 

It’s good you have an option to ask for unlimited revisions. If you are not happy with your paper quality you have 3 days to request revisions after you accepted the writing.

We wished we could grade it higher but with all our respect -3/10. It’s not fair to charge people this much for such a low quality.



EduBirdie didn’t fail to meet our deadline with the research paper we ordered. We had some realistic expectations as for the due date. The minimum deadline you can set is 3 hours for an essay. They have more than 450 writers and EduBirdie is quite popular among the students. This means that the writers might be busy writing essays for the customers all over the world. And 3 hours for an essay even for an experienced author is not enough to complete some profound research on a topic, write and proofread the paper following the instructions and communicating with the customer at the same time. Well, it is not enough for a high-quality paper, of course.  

If the author fails to meet the deadline and you don’t download the paper, you may get the full refund. The company will keep the paper as this would mean you don’t need the essay any more.

  • The clear policy about due dates and full refund in case they turn in the paper after the termination of your Service Contract deserve our 9/10

Customer Service

Customer Service

When making an order we didn’t have long conversations with Customer Service as our order was short and clear. You can talk to the company’s support via LiveChat, by phone or email. They also have their accounts in different social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.
Reviews about the EduBirdie Customer Service are not so good though. Most people complain they couldn’t get clear answers when they faced some problems with their papers. Another issue is the LiveChat with the authors. The customers were full of doubts that they were actually talking to real people, as the answers from the writers looked like they were talking to bots.

  • Reliable Customer Service in online business is the key to success. We feel that EduBirdie neglects this basic rule and we grade it 5/10.

Payment methods:

Quick Review: may look a bit pricey, the quality is well worth it. You can chat with your writer and review the drafts. If you place an order in advance, the price would not be too high and you can always find an author to work with your budget. All of the writers have their personal profiles with ratings and reviews, and it is very helpful. Besides, the payment is secured and you can receive a full refund if you have problems with your order.

Price: from $3 per page

Minimum deadline: 4 hours

writemyessay4me review

Payment methods:

Quick Review: is registered in Great Britain, they have 24/7 customer support and they protect the customer’s right in terms of payment and refund policies. The prices don’t seem to be the highest on the market and this fact surely attracts the students. We can’t say the the papers are badly written but they are not of ENL writers’ level for sure. Though there are no serious complaints about failing the deadlines.

Price: from $15 per page

Minimum deadline: 3 hours

papernow Review

Payment methods:

Quick Review:

PaperNow offers numerous kinds of academic writing services. Their prices are quite transparent and not too high compared to the other essay writing services. But we must warn you that the price you see on the first page will differ after you press the “Order now” button. Also, as most services that operate from abroad PaperNow don’t support secure payment methods. We believe that having other payment options will benefit the company more.

Price: from $11 per page

Minimum deadline: 1 hour


All in all EduBirdie is a popular and well-promoted online writing service. Their reputation is quite unsavory though when it comes to paper quality and refund policy. They overcharge students for poorly-written papers and they don’t take any responsibility for low grades they can receive. The plagiarism free policy also raises some doubts due to the numerous negative reviews. The website states they accept plagiarism with Turnitin service report only. 

At the same time their top writers qualifications are so diverse that it surely begs another question. How can one person be a pro in so many unrelated subjects? Are these profiles real since they have fake photos and claim they are able to write papers on any topic possible? But as long as their customers are happy, we will leave it on the company’s conscience.

EduBirdie has a positive option of unlimited paper revisions within the 3-day revision period after the customer downloads the written paper. They also help out students by keeping a blog with lots of writing tips and guidelines. 

To sum up, it seems that EduBirdie is too controversial to deal with. They are too careless about their work quality having so many competitors in this market.    


How much does EduBirdie cost?

EduBirdie doesn’t have a set price list. The website has a bidding system when your order is placed for the writers to see how much they will charge depending on the topic, size, deadline, and other criteria. After the authors bid your order with different prices, you can choose the one and chat with him or her about the details of your paper. Then you deposit the money and it will be released only after you accept the paper.

What is EduBirdie?

EduBirdie is a custom essay writing platform that has a pool of more than 450 writers. They provide academic writing and editing service for the students in the English speaking countries.

How is EduBirdie legal?

EduBirdie’s activity is not contrary to the applicable law. They state that their writing activity is plagiarism free and their authors function as ghostwriters which is legal.

How to work for EduBirdie?

If you want to apply for a writer’s position, you need to fill out the application form where you tell your degree and your writing experience. Then you have to sit a 30-minute test. Within this timeframe you will have to complete an essay on a random topic. If you pass the test and provide all the necessary information, you can sign up a work agreement with EduBirdie website.

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