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PaperFellows is a paper writing service which is located in Cyprus and Ukraine. It is difficult to say whether this writing agency is good or bad because the testimonials found online say the contradicting things. For instance, the company promises to provide its customers with 100% high-quality papers. Some of the customers claim the quality of the service was a premium one while the others are not satisfied with it at all. As long as the company features two offices that are both not placed in a country with English as the first or second language it is complicated to say whether the essays contain grammar, syntax, and punctuation mistakes. Therefore, we decided to check this information by ourselves and ordered a paper from PaperFellows. Besides, we noticed that the testimonials about the website quality are both good and bad. Hence, it is possible to claim that the quality of the essays by Paper Fellows is average or a bit above the average. Have a look at the things we found out about this writing service agency and make up your mind whether to use it yourself.

PaperFellows Review General Impression
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  • from $13 per page
  • minimum deadline 1 hour
  • accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery
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  • from $9 per page
  • minimum deadline 3 hours
  • accepts credit / debit card
  • from $3 per page
  • minimum deadline 4 hours
  • accepts Visa, Mastercard, PayPal
  • no price list
  • minimum deadline 4 hours
  • accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery

Types of Services 5/10

The PaperFellows website claims to provide its customers with two main types of service. First of all, it is 24/7 support. So no matter when you feel you need writing assistance, you may contact the customer support representative and ask them to help you with writing the paper. They are available round the clock and eligible enough to provide you with a clear and concise answer to your question. you might contact the support by email, phone, and live chat option. Therefore, it is possible to say that using support is rather convenient. However, we found out that it might take a lot of time to get the answer from customer support. 

The second thing, which is offered by PaperFellows is prompt delivery. they say that they will deliver the essay even earlier than it is expected. In our case, we waited almost till the end of the deadline, we mentioned in the instructions in the order form. Therefore, we cannot say that the delivery was prompt and fast in our case. However, it might be different with doing other types of academic assignments, we are not sure.

Trust/Reliability 4/10

service is not completely reliable

We cannot say that the website is one of the most reliable and trustworthy ones. According to the customers’ reviews online, PaperFellows is the website that does it best to deliver the essay on time and make it be of high-quality. However, as long as the writers that are employed there are not native English speakers, the quality of the service is hard to be called good. We would like to give 4 stars out of 10 for the reliability and trust of PaperFellows. 

As we noticed, ordering our paper from them, we found multiple mistakes and the language they used was far from being called “English”. It was rather a more like a mix of the languages. Besides, there was some percentage of plagiarism found in our essay which is totally unacceptable. It is worth mentioning that the essay we ordered was a one-page high-school essay, writing which is one of the easiest things to do for an experienced writer. However, this is not the case with PaperFellows. So we might conclude that the service is not completely reliable.

Ordering Process 6/10

The ordering process is similar to other websites that offer the same service. We will describe the way we managed to do it. First of all, we fill in the order form. We mentioned all the requirements such as word count, number of pages, level, and urgency. The second step was all about waiting for the right and appropriate writer to be assigned. Within some time which is 5-6 minutes, we were notified that one of the PaperFellows writers was assigned to complete this task. 

We were happy to get to know that the overall rating of this rating was very good. However, it might have been fake information that was placed by the website to every writer despite the quality of their assistance. Anyway, we waited until the essay was written. It should be mentioned that it took us almost all the time we specified in the instructions. Yes, we received our essay on time but not earlier than it was expected. We approved the essay and were charged for this service. We did not want to argue much, even though we detected some plagiarism in our essay.

Prices and Discounts 5/10

The pricing policy of paperFellows is like on any other writing service website. There are fixed prices for certain types of assistance. For instance, the price for academic paper writing starts at $12.99. The price for proofreading begins at $5.99 and the price for admission services starts at $10.99. 

The prices of PaperFellows are similar to other companies. they depend on the essay’s level, urgency, number of pages, complexity, and word count. However, some of the customers claim that the prices are rather expensive, but we found out that you get what you paid for exactly. Also, the PaperFellows website offers to provide its users with a 20% discount if you order the essay for the first time. this is what we got ordering our one-page essay from PaperFellows for the initial time. 

Nevertheless, there are loyalty programs for students who utilize their service on a regular basis. For instance, your discount might be from 5% to 15%, depending on the order complexity and urgency which sounds rather interesting. In general, we would like to put this website a satisfactory mark for its policy of prices and discounts.


Payment Methods 8/10

According to the PaperFellows homepage, they accept various cards. for instance, you may use your VISA, American Express, Master Card, Discover, Wire transfer, and PayPal to pay for the service. As long as you might use various payment methods, it is quite comfortable to cooperate with PaperFellows. Besides, the prices are rather fixed if compared to other essay writing services. In general, our impression of payment methods of PaperFellows is more positive than negative. so we will give it 8 points out of 10.

Work Quality 5/10

The process of writing a paper with PaperFellows is like in any other writing agency. The writer is chosen for you by the support. However, it must be mentioned that we found the quality of our paper to be satisfactory. The essay we received was full of mistakes and punctuation errors, typos, and more. Hence, we might assume that our essay was not written by a native English speaker. As long as the paper we got was full of grammatical mistakes, it is possible to conclude that a person who wrote it was not an expert all. So it means that the information on the website, telling that only native English speakers will work on your essay is fake. 

Besides, the essay contained a huge bunch of plagiarism. Meaning, the writer employed by PaperFellows are not really “paper fellows”. They just copy-paste some of the essay parts from the articles, Wikipedia, and blog posts available online. This is totally unacceptable for a paper to receive a proper grade for it. Therefore, our impression on the quality of the essay by PaperFellows is between negative and positive, just in the middle.

Deadline 2/10

The company promises to meet all the deadlines. They say that they will compensate up to 7% of the total cost for the late delivery within 14 days. However, if your deadline is less than 14 days, you will not be compensated at all. This is such an unfair policy if we take into account the fact that you should pay more for urgent orders. In our case, the writer who was working on the essay seemed to forget to send us the final file with the essay. so the deadline was missed. Even though our paper was not of the highest academic level and was rather short in pages, still, they managed to break the rules. We really were very frustrated to receive our essay later than it was expected. As long as PaperFellows claim not to give a refund for urgent orders that were not delivered on time, we even did not try to ask for a refund because we knew it was a waste of time. so we also found out that using PaperFellows service is both a waste of time and money. Therefore, we would not recommend using PaperFellows even for the easiest essays of the lowest academic level.

Customer Service 5/10

The PaperFellows website claims that you may contact them whenever you want. they say you may reach them by phone, email, and live chat option. We decided to check whether it is true or false and asked a few questions from the PaperFellows customer support by a live chat. We waited for 5 minutes and still, did not get a response. Also, it is worth mentioning that we messaged them on day time but did not get a quick response. As time was passing by, we decided to write them an email. When we send them a message by email, they managed to answer us in the live chat. Their assistance was quite quality and professional. 

The customer support representative we talked with seemed to be rather polite and friendly. However, we found out that he was not really attentive to our query because we had to ask about the same thing twice. therefore, it is possible to say that the quality of customer support was rather average or if we remain to be positive, it is a bit above the average.

Customer Service

Payment methods:

Quick Review: may look a bit pricey, the quality is well worth it. You can chat with your writer and review the drafts. If you place an order in advance, the price would not be too high and you can always find an author to work with your budget. All of the writers have their personal profiles with ratings and reviews, and it is very helpful. Besides, the payment is secured and you can receive a full refund if you have problems with your order.

Price: from $3 per page

Minimum deadline: 4 hours

writemyessay4me review

Payment methods:

Quick Review: is registered in Great Britain, they have 24/7 customer support and they protect the customer’s right in terms of payment and refund policies. The prices don’t seem to be the highest on the market and this fact surely attracts the students. We can’t say the the papers are badly written but they are not of ENL writers’ level for sure. Though there are no serious complaints about failing the deadlines.

Price: from $15 per page

Minimum deadline: 3 hours

papernow Review

Payment methods:

Quick Review:

PaperNow offers numerous kinds of academic writing services. Their prices are quite transparent and not too high compared to the other essay writing services. But we must warn you that the price you see on the first page will differ after you press the “Order now” button. Also, as most services that operate from abroad PaperNow don’t support secure payment methods. We believe that having other payment options will benefit the company more.

Price: from $11 per page

Minimum deadline: 1 hour


All things considered, it is possible to conclude that according to the data we found about review, it is a scam. These guys tend not to keep their promises. Telling that only native English speakers are working for them, they deliver low-quality essays. Besides, they ignore meeting the deadline, promising they will but they never do it. Our final verdict about this website is that you would rather use another writing service agency because this one is not of a high-quality.

Also, if you do not want to be one of their victims and receive the lowest grade, you would better select another website with better testimonials. It is worth mentioning that the feedback about PaperFellows online is rather poor. the vast majority of the customers are complaining about the same things. So until the company fixes these issues or finds more responsible and professional writers, you would rather stay out before using their service. 

There are many other writing service websites with a good online reputation. So we suggest you conduct research about them and find the one with the best comments about its quality. We would give 5.5 points out of 10 as a final grade.


How to communicate with the writer in PaperFellows?

There are several ways of how you can contact with PaperFellows. first of all, you may reach them by email. If it does not work, you might call them by phone or use a live chat option. They promise to give a quick response.

How to get a solid discount on PaperFellows?

There are a few ways of how you can get a discount. For instance, you might get a 20% discount if you order a paper on holiday. What is more, you will get the same discount if you are a newbie or a loyal customer.

How much PaperFellows essay cost?

The price of the essay depends on such factors as urgency, academic level, number of pages, and word count. The lowest price for the essay starts at $12.99 for the paper for high school. The more complicated the essay is, the more you will have to pay for it.

Is PaperFellows keeping a word?

According to PaperFellows reviews by customers, they tend to break the promises very frequently. Therefore, we recommend you use a more trustworthy writing service.

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