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The Internet era helps us out in lots of situations, especially when it comes to students. Our parents had to spend hours in libraries trying to complete their essay writings. The only other option they had was to hire some trustworthy and experienced person who would agree to write their paper. And it was just too risky for many reasons, how professional the essay would turn out? What if someone reveals the truth? Nowadays we are lucky to have countless number of services that can do any kind of academic writing for every student. But the issues of security, professionalism and honesty remained the same as 30 years ago. review
  • from $25 per page
  • minimum deadline 3 hours
  • accepts Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay Custom Academic Essay Writing Service Review
  • from $6 per page
  • minimum deadline 3 hours
  • accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, American Express
  • from $10 per page
  • minimum deadline 4 hours
  • accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery
  • from $3 per page
  • minimum deadline 4 hours
  • accepts Visa, Mastercard, PayPal

We provide unbiased reviews of top custom essay writing services so you can learn about them before you decide to give them your money. We ordered some paper writing from these services ourselves. Now we can share our personal experience with you what it feels like being their customer and what you should be aware of. 

This time we will talk about the PaperNow essay writing service. Their website looks quite easy to navigate and very transparent on the surface.

PaperNow essay writing service

Let’s get a closer look together and read their Terms and Conditions. Here we have some 3 countries mentioned – Cyprus, Ukraine and Germany. The website and the company are registered in Nicosia, Cyprus and is owned by Writeperfect Ltd. Their Research and Development Department is located in Kyiv, Ukraine and they process some of their customers’ data there.

The servers of the company for storing the data are in Germany. Maybe there is nothing special about these geolocations, and in the modern global world this type of business looks fine and advanced. But where is the English speaking country that does the native speaking job for English speaking students? Or maybe our question is too fault-finding? 

Types of Services

PaperNow offers numerous kinds of academic writing services. They can be easily found in a drop-down menu on the first page together with the calculator.

You can order different types of essays, reports, capstone projects, dissertations, powerpoint presentations and courseworks. Besides writing from scratch PaperNow can do editing, formatting, copywriting, paraphrasing rewriting, and others.

different types of work

We also found tutoring as one of the options they have. The longer list of everything they can help you with can be found if you scroll down the website. There you can see the whole diversity of writing they offer and actually go from there.

  • For the large range of custom writing services we grade PaperNow 9/10. 

Is PaperNow trustworthy?

We found lots of positive reviews about PaperNow on different online resources. We discovered even a website with long and praising articles about all the custom writing services that belong to Writeperfect Ltd including PaperNow. After some long research we saw a few negative comments left under the reviews. In general, PaperNow has a positive online image and we couldn’t prove it wrong. 

From the other side we wanted to place an order so we kept searching for the refund policy. This is a weak spot of many Cyprus-located writing companies. The part in their Terms and Conditions about getting a refund was more than intriguing. The refund seems to be an easy solution only in case of order cancellation. Then you can get as much as 30% of your money back. All the other cases seem to be totally unreal.

If you are not happy with your paper and can prove it by plagiarism report or professor’s feedback, PaperNow will solely decide whether your proof is sufficient enough to get a refund. It gets worse as you read along – even if the author fails to meet the deadline, this is not a reason for a refund.

Their last sentence “Please be informed that delivery time deviation is not a subject to refund”, speaks for itself. 

Terms and Conditions about getting a refund

Positive reviews can be fake but the stated refund policy surely raises doubts.

  • Our 5/10 for PaperNow reliability. 

What is the Ordering Process?

The process of ordering an essay writing is very clear and simple. You can do it as soon as you enter the website. But, please, keep in mind that Terms and Conditions are at the very bottom of the page.

Ordering Process

You choose the type of writing you want to order in the drop down menu, the size of it – how many words or pages you need and set up a deadline. The quickest time they offer is 1 hour for an essay and 48 hours for a dissertation. We have no clue how they can do it within such a short period though.

The longest due date for an essay is 10 days and for a dissertation is 2 months. This sounds more realistic if you want your paper to be professionally done. After you input this information, you will see the total price of your order. This is extremely convenient and PaperNow should get a credit for that. With the only exception that the price might be different when you get to the ordering form.

After you fill it in you should provide your email address and additional information about your paper.

Next step is payment. Then the manager assigns you the eligible available writer and you can chat with him or her during the writing process to clarify any issues that can come up. When your paper is done, you will be notified. When you download the completed paper, you have unlimited reviews within 14 days’ period. They also mention the refund possibility but we already found out that the refund policy is not about PaperNow writing service.  

The ordering process is quite simple and it looks like everywhere else. Just be careful about the price as it may change while you fill out the forms.

  • Our grade is 7/10 considering the mentioned price issue. 

Prices and Discounts

PaperNow prices are quite transparent and not too high compared to the other essay writing services. But we must warn you that the price you see on the first page will differ after you press the “Order now” button.

In our case we ordered the Book report for a college student 2 pages long, double-spaced with 5 days’ deadline. At first the price was $11.36, the next page made us type in everything once more. This time the price was $14.94. You can also get sms updates on your paper for additional $3.99 and choose a Top writer for $2.24 or a Premium writer for some extra $4.48.

If you are using PaperNow service for the first time, you get a promo code for 10% discount. You can find it on the website and claim it by giving your email address. The more time you give your author to do your essay, the less money you pay for it. 

You also get a “Credit Balance” where you will recieve credits with every order you make at PaperNow, and 1 credit is equivalent to $1. You can use them as money to pay for your next essay writing. If you don’t use these credit points within 9 months, they will be withdrawn from your account. You will receive a notification about it one month before it happens.

It looks a little complicated as the last sentence sounds like  “Later, 5% of every next order (not including credits) is added to your Credit Balance”. You can surely clarify it with the Customer Support but we would prefer this system to be more understandable.

Credit Balance

If you decide to cancel your order halfway before it is completed, you will get a refund of 30% or 100% in credit points to your Credit Balance. Let’s make it clear, if you paid PaperNow, your only chance to get any money back is this 30%. The moderate prices and 10% entrance discount look quite appealing. Be careful with the refund policy or be ready to lose your money as soon as you make your order at PaperNow.

  • This part deserves 6/10 from us.

What Payment Methods PaperNow accepts?

Most services that operate from abroad don’t support secure payment methods. The only way to pay for PaperNow essay writing service is with your credit or debit card.

PaperNow accepts Visa, American Express, Discovery, and MasterCard. The website claims absolute security of your payment details. We believe that having other payment options will benefit the company more. They have been in this business long enough to adapt to the changing reality of our life.

Payment Methods PaperNow
  • We grade their payment methods 5/10. They should start accepting PayPal or other quick and safe ways for their customers. 

Work Quality

Work Quality

The Book report we ordered was one of the easy papers in our opinion. The writing was for the college student and it had to be 2 pages long. We wanted the report about “The Grapes Of Wrath” by John Steinbeck.

We received our order after 3 days with a 5-day due date. It looked very promising as it was supposed to mean that we can turn in the book report on time. The downloaded paper surprised us with grammar mistakes and low level of English. It was nicely formatted but it definitely wasn’t the college paper.

We had to ask for a review. And even after that it looked apart from our expectations. It wasn’t an A-level book report. Nevertheless it was reviewed and corrected as soon as we asked for it and it was done in a nice and polite manner. Their free revision period lasts 14 days and starts on the date your paper is delivered to you.

  • All of that deserves 5/10 as we would rather have no reviews and better quality of writing from the author in the first place.


We cannot complain about their deadline policy at all. Moreover, we received our book report ahead of time. This really deserves a credit for the translation of the promise into a deed. 

  • Our grade is 10/10 for that.
WriteMyEssays Service Review

Payment methods:

Quick Review:

We must admit that all the negative reviews were written by English native speakers and the positive ones were from the people with Middle Eastern dips. What also alerts is the payment methods part. It seems to be quite disguised. All of the said above can be worth the trouble if you are looking for a fast and simple essay or urgent homework help. In all the other cases you have to double-check your order before you approve it so it wouldn’t appear underperformed.

Price: from $9 per page

Minimum deadline: 3 hours


Payment methods:

Quick Review: may look a bit pricey, the quality is well worth it. You can chat with your writer and review the drafts. If you place an order in advance, the price would not be too high and you can always find an author to work with your budget. All of the writers have their personal profiles with ratings and reviews, and it is very helpful. Besides, the payment is secured and you can receive a full refund if you have problems with your order.

Price: from $3 per page

Minimum deadline: 4 hours


Payment methods:

Quick Review:

PapersOwl service is a bidding system with no clear prices and writers selection. There is no secure payment method you can use to pay for the essay writing. Also, the refund system is very opaque to the customer. Another issue is the disputable profiles and qualifications of the writers. When you open FAQ on PapersOwl website, you may find that actually anyone can become a writer for the service as long as you register on the website.

Price: no fixed price list

Minimum deadline: 4 hours

Customer Service

As you can see at the very top of PaperNow website, they can help you 27/7. We don’t know what that means, just hope they are there for you when you need them.

they can help you 277

Frankly speaking PaperNow has fairly good Customer Service. You can turn to them by phone, using their Facebook page and in a Live Chat. Their phone area codes are from the US and Bermuda. PaperNow’s Facebook page has only 128 followers and no likes for the posts there. We didn’t try to turn there for help or call them by phone. LiveChat seemed the best option to us. The Customer Service was prompt, polite and helpful. What else could we expect?

  • This part gets 9/10 from us.


Is PaperNow legit?

Every online essay writing company provides ghostwriting services as it is said in the Terms and Conditions of PaperNow. They don’t seem to have negative reviews or any fraud charges. We consider PaperNow legit as they don’t break any law by providing their service to the customers.

How to find PaperNow promo code?

You can find the promo code on the PaperNow website. In order to receive it you have to leave your email and your 15% discount for the newcomer can be used right away.

How to delete my papernow account?

To delete your account on the PaperNow website you need to contact their Customer Service by phone, Facebook or Live Chat. They will delete it after your personal request.

What is PaperNow?

PaperNow is a custom academic writing company. It offers help with numerous types of writing and editing services for students, undergraduates, Master’s and PhD holders. PaperNow has a team of eligible authors who write your papers meeting the requirements and deadlines. You have unlimited reviews’ option within 14 days after you accept your paper, and you can chat with your assigned writer during the writing process.

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