PapersOwl Custom Legal Academic Essay Writing Service Review – 3.5/8

Every student is overwhelmed with academic writing. Sometimes it seems like you spend more time formatting, editing and citing correctly than studying the subject you enjoy. And if you have some other assignments, duties or a job, all this essay writing and meeting deadlines grows like a rolling snowball. 

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What if someone can do the boring and time-consuming part for you? We believe this question comes to every student’s mind. And when there’s a will there’s a way. Numerous essay writing services would be delighted to do any academic writing or homework assignment for you. How to be sure they are not scams and you will not waste your money on a poorly written paper? What if the professor finds out that the paper is not yours? How can you find out that there is no plagiarism and it is not going to make matters worse? 

We know what it feels like to be a student and, as they say, been there, done that. We took a virtual tour of top essay writing services and placed our orders of different papers there. We did it for you to know what you can expect and to help you save your time and money when choosing what service to choose. So, let’s get started and this time we will talk about the PapersOwl website.

PapersOwl website review

At first glance, this website looks very attractive. It has a key character, a studying owl and a very easy and user-friendly interface. Looks identical to Papersowls website though. Is it the same company? Why do these clones have different addresses and company locations? What is it all about? Should we give it a try?

Types of Services

write essays, research and term papers, dissertations and theses

The PapersOwl website states they can write essays, research and term papers, dissertations and theses. You can also order editing of your essay, research paper or dissertation. Besides they can write your lab report, coursework, speech, admission or scholarship essays and capstone projects. It seems like they do everything any college student might need in the course of studies. All of these papers are claimed to be 100% plagiarism free and written by company’s experts. What is more, with the website’s bidding system you can order almost any type of paper and choose the writer to do the writing for you.

  • This part surely deserves a 9/10 grade from us.

Is PapersOwl trustworthy?

When it comes to trust we start with reading the Terms and Conditions on the website, especially written in small font. Another way to see the reliability of the company is to read the testimonials and reviews about its service. The testimonials on the PapersOwl website are terrific. 8 out of 10 reviews have 5 stars.

But how real are these people? What if these reviews are the only positive ones? Or what if they are fake?

We looked through the reviews on the other websites and found out lots of negative feedback from unhappy customers. The major complaint was about work quality and prices.

There is another thing that seriously worries us. The website is owned and operated in Estonia which is not a native English speaking country. We understand that modern reality allows anyone to hire people from all over the world. But together with customers’ dissatisfaction with their essays, it sets us thinking. And as we have already said we thoroughly read terms and conditions and to our surprise we found grammar mistakes in the Money Back Guarantee part.  

grammar mistakes in the Money Back Guarantee part
  • We cannot give high grades after that. So it is 3/10 for reliability. 

What is the Ordering Process?

Ordering Process

PapersOwl essay writing service has a bidding system where the authors can bid on your offer. It looks fine at first because you choose the writer who offers the best price and can read about his or her qualifications. But in reality you end up with the price higher than you expected and lots of writers bidding but they are not the specialists in your specific topic. Good thing though you can see all the information about the writers and even LiveChat with them before you make your decision.

At first, you select a category of your paper and add all the important information about the paper requirements so the authors can see it before they reply to you. You also leave your email to be able to keep track of your essay writing process.

After you have chosen a writer for your paper, you should discuss all the details and give him or her the most precise instructions. Also you deposit the money before they start writing. You release this money after you accept the paper from your author. You should keep in mind that if your topic is quite specific and requires a specialist’s help, you may not have even a single bidder to your order after all. 

  • We find the bidding system a bit complicated and not transparent moneywise. Therefore we give PapersOwl 4/10 for that.

Prices and Discounts

no set price list for academic writing

This part in our opinion is the key disadvantage of the PapersOwl essay writing service. There is no set price list for academic writing. Every paper can end up with a different price depending on the author who bids your order. This is very inconvenient and lots of customers complained about overpricing on PapersOwl.

Compared to the other writing services the prices at PapersOwl really seem to be the highest. To make things worse there is no discount system whatsoever. But you have the chance to eliminate the bidding writers by paying extra $9.99 for premium or platinum authors to do your essay writing.

It all seems a bit confusing and insecure as you never know what you will pay at the end and whether you can get your money back if something goes wrong.

  • Our 4/10 for the pricing police. 

What Payment Methods PapersOwl accepts?

Payment Methods PapersOwl

PapersOwl accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discovery cards. To our surprise there is no PayPal, ApplePay, or any other online payment methods on the list. The secured and easy ones are miraculously excluded. Is it the reason to suspect a scam? We are not sure but it definitely makes it harder when it comes to the refund. 

  • Without a doubt – 4/10 from our team for the payment methods.

Work Quality

Usually we order some research paper or some specific essay to test the service quality. This time we decided to ask for a Literature essay writing on almost a middle-school level topic “The symbolic meaning of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby”.

We asked for 2 pages and  4 days to complete the essay. The price we were told was way above the one we could get at the other academic writing services. But we were there for a fair play, so we agreed.

The preview of the paper we received was quite disappointing. It was a middle-school essay with poor command of the language and quite a few grammar mistakes. We asked for a review and it was completed on time. The style and the general impression of the essay was rather of a non-native speaker or a person without MA or PhD as it is stated on the PapersOwl website.

  • The essay we received was absolutely not value for money. Our grade is 4/10.


well-timed service level

It is said that the minimal deadline you can ask for is 4 hours. We got our essay written on time and we couldn’t find any complaints from the customers about failing the due dates. So we believe this is one of the strongest sides of PapersOwl service. And in this kind of business it is essential to keep up the well-timed service level.

  • Good job deserves our 9/10

Customer Service

Another positive side of PapersOwl website is their polite and helpful Customer Service. They have a convenient Live Chat on their website, and you can also send them an email. No phone calls or any other ways to contact them. According to the reviews the level of PapersOwl Customer Service is quite high. Even those who were unhappy with the work quality mentioned that the Customer Service was very good and helpful. Especially before it came to the point of the refund. 

When it comes to getting your money back, the company’s rules are not so helpful. As they say in their first sentence, your case should be unique for them to make a refund. 

questionable refund
  • Professional Customer Service is a very promising sign that the website can improve its output, especially if the company changes its refund policy. That is why we graded them 7/10

Payment methods:

Quick Review: may look a bit pricey, the quality is well worth it. You can chat with your writer and review the drafts. If you place an order in advance, the price would not be too high and you can always find an author to work with your budget. All of the writers have their personal profiles with ratings and reviews, and it is very helpful. Besides, the payment is secured and you can receive a full refund if you have problems with your order.

Price: from $3 per page

Minimum deadline: 4 hours

writemyessay4me review

Payment methods:

Quick Review: is registered in Great Britain, they have 24/7 customer support and they protect the customer’s right in terms of payment and refund policies. The prices don’t seem to be the highest on the market and this fact surely attracts the students. We can’t say the the papers are badly written but they are not of ENL writers’ level for sure. Though there are no serious complaints about failing the deadlines.

Price: from $15 per page

Minimum deadline: 3 hours

papernow Review

Payment methods:

Quick Review:

PaperNow offers numerous kinds of academic writing services. Their prices are quite transparent and not too high compared to the other essay writing services. But we must warn you that the price you see on the first page will differ after you press the “Order now” button. Also, as most services that operate from abroad PaperNow don’t support secure payment methods. We believe that having other payment options will benefit the company more.

Price: from $11 per page

Minimum deadline: 1 hour


To sum up, we must admit that PapersOwl service has some significant flaws. First of all, it is a bidding system with no clear prices and writers selection. Second of all, there is no secure payment method you can use to pay for the essay writing. Also, the refund system is very opaque to the customer. We believe that there is no chance to get a full refund if you are not happy with the work quality and you already deposited your money.

Another issue is the disputable profiles and qualifications of the writers. When you open FAQ on PapersOwl website, you may find one very interesting paragraph that contradicts the policy about authors’ high qualifications. It says that actually anyone can become a writer for the service as long as you register on the website. 

We believe that after our fair and detailed research you can decide for yourself whether to confide in PapersOwl or not. 

anyone can become a writer


How do I cancel my account on PapersOwl?

We looked through the website and could not find an answer to this question. We contacted their Customer Service and the polite lady told us that your account can be deleted after you ask for it personally. You may send an email or do it through the Live Chat. You cannot delete it yourself though.

PapersOwl, how to write a lab report for Biology?

You should place an order stating the type of your essay as a lab report and choose Biology as the subject. Then you add a topic, a deadline and instructions, and wait for the authors to bid your order. You can see their profiles and according to their reviews and the price you can decide who you entrust your lab report writing to. Before you make your final choice, you can chat with the writers and explain to them the task and see what solutions they can offer or what questions they might have. After that you should deposit the money you will pay to the chosen author and leave your email to track the paper completion. While your lab report is being written you can communicate with the writer about some details in case they come up. Finally, you get your preview of the paper and if everything seems ok, you accept it and the money will be transferred to the writer’s account. You receive your lab report and if you have some remarks you can ask for a review. 

How legit is PapersOwl?

Any academic writing service is legit since there is no law that prohibits this business. The illegal paper is the plagiarized paper. The plagiarism check is available for you to see if the essay written for you meets the requirements. And if you get what you pay for, it means there is no scamming going on. Therefore we consider PapersOwl as any other custom essay writing service legit.

What is PapersOwl?

PapersOwl is a custom academic writing service that is meant to help students with their essays. It has a team of more than 400 professional writers with MA and PhDs who know everything about essay writing and can do it on time and in accordance with your instructions. PapersOwl website offers a system where writers bid on customers’ orders. This way there is no strict pricing policy. The customers can communicate with the authors online but the personal information is kept safe.

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