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Every time we speak about education we think about essays as the main problem all students are facing on a daily basis. No matter whether you go to a high school or you write your Ph.D. dissertation, you have to deal with academic writing without letup. Therefore it is quite obvious that one day you will seek some help.
  • from $3 per page
  • minimum deadline 4 hours
  • accepts Visa, Mastercard, PayPal
  • from $10 per page
  • minimum deadline 4 hours
  • accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery
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  • from $13 per page
  • minimum deadline 1 hour
  • accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery
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  • from $13 per page
  • minimum deadline 3 hours
  • accepts Visa, Mastercard, American express, Discovery

But how can you find the perfect essay writing service that is not a scammer and can do the job properly? Well, there are lots of different websites and online services that are ready to help you write your perfect essay and they claim to be Pros about academic writing.

So we decided to take a look at those services and now we are ready to make a review on the website. We ordered a one-page cover letter to test the quality, customer support, payment, and refund methods, and see if all that is said on their convenient and pretty-looking website is true. So, let’s set the record straight.

Types of Services

samedayessay Types of Services

It looks like their website is very easy to operate and they state they have a professional team of writers who will do your academic writing following all the procedures such as a brainstorm, research proofreading, editing, drafting, formatting, citing, and so on.

They also guarantee plagiarism checks which means you are on the safe side when it comes to turning in your piece of writing. They offer a great variety of academic writings including cover letters, business plans, math problems, movies or book reviews, and lab reports. SameDayEssay also has extra services such as editing, rewriting, proofreading, and paraphrasing.

For the impressive choice of works, they say they can provide we grade this website 9/10.

Is SameDayEssay trustworthy?

SameDayEssay trustworthy

Considering the amount of work they say they are doing, over 10 years in this business and 1,500 + writers they work with, we didn’t see plenty of positive reviews. If you search for reviews, you may see the first links with rather poor grades of about 2 or 3 stars only. Is it some jiggery-pokery or real feedback?

The customer testimonials they have on the website are quite scarce. It is written they deliver 97% of papers on time. Sounds good but we couldn’t find enough proof as for meeting the deadlines from their customers.

Our main concern is written in their refund policy. It says that you actually can get only a 30% refund even if you are dissatisfied with your paper. Or you can choose to receive 100% on your Bonus Balance which you can use for the next order. What? If we are not happy with the service to the point of claiming for refund, why should we order from them once more? And yes, it is written in their Terms and Conditions which is placed at the bottom of the landing page.

So, please, read this part on any website every time you are going to entrust your money online. Stay steer clear from scammers and bait-and-switch.

We graded SameDayEssay reliability 3/10 which we believe is rather fair.

What is the Ordering Process?

SameDayEssay Ordering Process

There are a few easy steps you should take if you want to use the SameDayEssay academic writing service. First of all, you should fill out the order form where you indicate the type of paper you need, the number of pages, the subject of your writing,  educational institution, choose the deadline and you will see the cost of your paper. You can choose whether to accept help from any available author or to pay extra $4-$8 for top or premium writers according to their demand and customers’ reviews.

Then you should make the payment and you start online communication by texting your author. You can track your order and ask for reviews or alterations of your essay writing. The system seems quite simple but it’s not quite clear how they rate the authors and what if the premium ones are overloaded with orders and will not be able to meet your deadline. Noone explains emergency cases from the customer’s point of view.

We would give the ordering process at SameDayEssay 6/10 for this reason.

Prices and Discounts

SameDayEssay Prices and Discounts

At first sight, the prices for academic writing on SameDayEssay seem to be rather high. They offer a 15%discount for the first order using their promo code. It will be available after you provide them with your email address.

Also, the service offers every customer discounts with the system of a Balance – a personal virtual money account. When you make your first order, 10% of the total sum would go to your Balance, and every next order would bring you an extra 5% on your Balance account.

Finally, you can use this virtual money as a discount for the paper writing you order but only within 9 months. The website also reminds that they have some promos and additional bonus programs from time to time. It all seemed very promising but when we went to order our essay, we found out that the urgency column is half empty and it is absolutely unclear why there are some prices with no terms whatsoever. The average price for a one-page college essay writing with the deadline of a week is $13.28.

The same essay would cost you $39.83 if you need it in an hour’s time. The website also charges $4 (optional) for texting you the order status updates.

We would rate the price and discount policy 5/10.

What Payment Methods SameDayEssay accepts?

Payment Methods SameDayEssay

That is a little complicated as we found only one way of payment for essay writing service on SameDayEssay – with your credit or debit card. They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. No PayPal, Apple Pay, Payoneer, or other payment methods that use a high-level security checkup seem to be available.

Taking into consideration the refund policy and the location of the company, we would not grade this part too high. The reliability level is getting even lower there.

That is why our grade is 4/10.

Work Quality

Work Quality SameDayEssay

The one-page cover letter writing we ordered with a 5-day due date was rather costly. We would say it is more expensive than most of the other services would offer. We didn’t pay extra money for the top or premium writers though as it would increase the price more than twice. And we have no clue how fair their system of authors’ rating is. At some point, you feel like it’s all some kind of a trick to make you pay extra.

The cover letter we received on time, and it was well-written but in a very neutral style. It sounded too official and impersonal, as a boilerplate. The paper could fit anyone any time and it did not emphasize the personality of the one who had to send this cover letter to the recruiter. To be more precise it looked more like a rewritten piece than written from scratch. It is stated by the company that you can upload your written paper on Turnitin service and receive a proof of a 100% unique text.

We give our 5/10 for the quality of their writing as it was correct but didn’t fully meet our requirements and expectations.


SameDayEssay deadline

The deadline you can choose from when filling out the order form starts from 1 hour for an essay and 48 hours for a dissertation. That sounds very suspicious as there should definitely be more than one person in order to complete this extensive piece of writing. The longest due date can be 20 days for an essay and 2 months for a dissertation.

As we have already said the deadline we had was 5 days, and it is the longest period you can choose from. The length of the paper was 1 page. We assume that it is quite possible for anyone to meet this deadline if you claim to be a professional in academic writing. And taking into consideration the quality of the paper, we cannot give SameDayEssay some high grade.

Therefore, the rate is 6/10.

Customer Service

Customer Service SameDayEssay

SameDayEssay has a chat for the customers that work 24/7. It wasn’t too fast in our case as we had to wait for the answer from the customer support for more than 5 minutes and by that time we had already received a reply from another writing service.

The other way to get in touch with the company is only by phone. It seems odd as the company that is located in Cyprus has a phone number from the New York area, one toll-free number 1-877, and one number with area code +4417 which is often marked as a spam number.

They also have an email, Twitter and a Facebook page with a chat. When you communicate with your author you do it anonymously. Everyone is very polite and nice, we had no trouble there. But we would not use the international phone call as an option.

It gets 6/10 from us.

WriteMyEssays Service Review

Payment methods:

Quick Review:

We must admit that all the negative reviews were written by English native speakers and the positive ones were from the people with Middle Eastern dips. What also alerts is the payment methods part. It seems to be quite disguised. All of the said above can be worth the trouble if you are looking for a fast and simple essay or urgent homework help. In all the other cases you have to double-check your order before you approve it so it wouldn’t appear underperformed.

Price: from $9 per page

Minimum deadline: 3 hours


Payment methods:

Quick Review: may look a bit pricey, the quality is well worth it. You can chat with your writer and review the drafts. If you place an order in advance, the price would not be too high and you can always find an author to work with your budget. All of the writers have their personal profiles with ratings and reviews, and it is very helpful. Besides, the payment is secured and you can receive a full refund if you have problems with your order.

Price: from $3 per page

Minimum deadline: 4 hours


Payment methods:

Quick Review:

PapersOwl service is a bidding system with no clear prices and writers selection. There is no secure payment method you can use to pay for the essay writing. Also, the refund system is very opaque to the customer. Another issue is the disputable profiles and qualifications of the writers. When you open FAQ on PapersOwl website, you may find that actually anyone can become a writer for the service as long as you register on the website.

Price: no fixed price list

Minimum deadline: 4 hours

We tried to be unbiased when making this review. For that purpose, we have made some detailed and objective research. It led us to the fact that SameDayEssay has some other websites with almost identical names such as and We are not sure why there is a need in these clones but they are all registered in one place and have the same contact phone numbers and even similar-looking websites. We will leave it to your choice whether to trust this service or not. states that they have been in this business for over ten years. They made quite a simple and convenient website for their customers with an online calculator and customer support. Their authors have written essays for thousands of people who speak for themselves. They have a loyal system of discounts and plagiarism-free policy. The confidential level is also important for anyone who is considering becoming their customer.

But in general, their working methods such as credit card payments seem to be a bit old-fashioned and risky. Their prices also do not look very competitive if you keep in mind that the market is crowded with this kind of service. There is definitely a lot of room for improvement but based on the quality and meeting the scheduled due date this academic writing service can be an option.

People also ask about:

Is SameDayEssay legit?

Any essay writing service is legal if it meets the legal requirements of its country. Usually, these types of services act as Ghostwriters and any trustworthy website should have all their confidential, payment, plagiarism-free policies listed and open to the public. Yes, SameDayEssay meets all these criteria.

How to find SameDayEssay promo code?

When you open SameDayEssay website, you need to scroll down the page to find out a greeting with a 15% discount offer and a promo code. To use it, you simply click on the button “claim my discount”. It often pops up as an ad while you are scrolling down the website. In order to actually receive this discount, you have to give your email address to the service.

How to delete my SameDayEssay account?

Having a loyalty bonus program, SameDayEssay would prefer you have your account open within 9 months after your first order to be able to get a 10% discount on your next orders. It is not mentioned anywhere but the customer support claims that per your request the team of SameDayEssay will delete your account.

What is SameDayEssay?

SameDayEssay is an essay and other academic paper writing service that has been on the market since 2010. It is registered in Nicosia, Cyprus and it states that their authors are English native speakers from the UK and US. Their deadline options start at 1 hour.

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